Artificial Intelligence Ensures Optimum Cleaning Mode

Metro NAV Navigation System

45 min to clean an 18 m swimming pool

Equipped with an infra red for the detection of walls and a gyroscope for the movement

Comes with an 8-function radio remote control, waterproof and anti-shock

Exceptional handling

Everyone can use the PEPS 200!

The robot has a special water-exit hoop facilitating its handling.
The painted stainless steel trolley allows the robot to enter alone in the water and store its cable and has a tactile dashboard to manage its parameters.


A foolproof cleaning!

With a water circulation speed of more than 600 liters per minute, combined with the strength of our active brush system that rotates at a speed 3 times faster than the unit, the PEPS 200 picks up particles from fine dust to larger leaves. The debris is then trapped homogeneously in our pierce resistant, industrial strength collection bag.

  • Suction power of pump 37 m3/h
  • Sucks hair, leaves, algae, bandages, chewing gums, sands, etc.
  • 4 filtration finesses: 75, 105, 250 or 1000 microns

  • Color and dynamic touch screen in a world first
  • Choice between immediate or deferred start mode
  • Several cleaning modes available
  • Confirmation of orders and advice by voice speaker
  • Reading robot settings for easy maintenance
  • Self diagnosis and visualization of potential problems
  • Technical Notice and logbook accessible by touch screen


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