LED Luminaries

Lighting technology has evolved dramatically over the past century. As the use of light-focusing bulbs and light-reflective surfaces matured, practitioners became highly dependent on external illumination, targeting specific areas in the mouth for visual inspection.
Over the past few years, Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have made major strides in replacing earlier, less efficient and less effective illumination sources. The LED emission spectrum is very narrow and can be precisely controlled.
Venus had invested greatly into the development and use of LEDs in our underwater application. We had work with many professional engineers and manufacturing plants to create the right light source for your every pool needs. From high powered LEDs to shine over 10 of meters, to simple energy saving LEDs for small pools and ponds.
For more information about the Venus LED Luminary products; or if you need assistance on the pool/pond design with LED products, please contact your Venus Representative, or drop us an email through the Contact Form.