consultancy & design services with optional site inspections, construction supervision, installation & testing attendances.

constructed with the highest quality materials and reputable equipment manufacturers to provide high standards and unmatched customer service.

working with local & foreign engineers, architect, and consultants, together with our professional and trained employees to meet your pool requirements.

constantly up-keeping and upgrading to provide with the latest technology to incorporate into the designing and building of recreational water engineering.

Making Your Waters Work – Spectacularly

Venus has more than 40 years of experience in recreational water engineering and leisure facilities in the areas of water features, swimming pools, spa facilities, and irrigation.

We are staffed by a team of dedicated professionals including engineers, draftsmen, highly skilled tradesmen and craftsmen.

With a vast knowledge of more than 100 years add up, ensuring that our projects and services are carried out with professionalism and attention to achieve excellent quality in design and implementation.


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